The ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) is a small, light recording equipment that you carry on yourself for 24 hours. It measures your blood pressure automatically every 20 minutes or so including during the night when you sleep.

The recorded measurements are analyzed and compared to your cycles of activities including when you are awake or asleep. It allows your attending physician to know whether it does dip during your sleep (which it normally does) and whether it stays high even when you are not stressed or anxious.

Having this information will allow your physician to have a more precise diagnosis. It would rule out a ??white coat?? effect or bring your physician to pursue the investigation to eliminate sleep apnea. The test may also monitor the success of any measure to decrease hypertension being either exercise, loss of weight or medication.

This test is indicated in any person with an unclear diagnosis of high blood pressure before long standing drug therapy. It is also a good way to measure the success of any initiated treatment against hypertension.