Problem-oriented medical examination

Medical exam for pregnant women with ECG

Internal medical exam + ECG prior surgery, Heart (cardiovascular) evaluation

Basic Cardiac Examination with resting ECG.


Follow-up examination

Exercise Stress Testing (treadmill) with referral

ECHO (heart ultrasound) with referral

ECHO (heart ultrasound) + ECG without referral with physical exam

Exercise Stress Stressing without referral, with physical exam (resting ECG included)

Holter monitoring (24 hour ECG) and reading

ABPM monitoring (24-hour blood pressure measurement) and reading

Receipt prescription and refill

Consultation, second medical opinion based on tests completed in other institue

Carotis Duplex Scan

Lower extremities venous duplex scan


18.000.- Ft

20.000.- Ft

18.000.- Ft

18.000.- Ft

4.000.- Ft

14.000.- Ft

20.000.- Ft


27.000.- Ft

30.000.- Ft

18.000.- Ft

16.000.- Ft

5.000.- Ft

16.000.- Ft

16.000.- Ft

16.000.- Ft

The prices shown are valid to examinations done in MOM Park Medical Center only. For prices regarding VP Med Health Center, please contact VP Med directly.