Cardiac Consultation and Examination with Resting ECG


Follow-up Examination (within 3 months)

Exercises Stress Testing (treadmill) with Referral

Follow up with Exercises Stress Test

ECHO (heart ultrasound) with referral

ECHO (heart ultrasound) with ECG, Consultation and Physical exam

Follow up with ECHO

Exercise Stress Stressing with physical exam and Consultation 

Holter monitoring (24 hour ECG) and reading

ABPM monitoring (24-hour blood pressure measurement) and reading

Problem-oriented medical examination

Medical Exam for Pregnant Women with ECG

Internal Medical Exam + ECG prior surgery

Prescription and refill

Second medical opinion based on tests completed in other institue

Lower extremities venous duplex scan

Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Soft Tissues of the Neck 

Vascular Ultrasound (Duplex Scan) Veins

Vascular Ultrasound (Duplex Scan) Carotid Arteries

Vascular Ultrasound (Duplex Scan) Arteries of Extremities


25.000 Ft

9.000 Ft

21.000 Ft

23.000 Ft

29.000.- Ft

24.000.- Ft

35.000.- Ft


37.000.- Ft

20.000.- Ft

20.000.- Ft

23.000.- Ft

23.000.- Ft

23.000.- Ft

7.000.- Ft

22.000.- Ft

22.000.- Ft

22.000.- Ft

24.000.- Ft

24.000.- Ft

24.000.- Ft

All documents are written in English, included in the price.